a's game three

Today I went to an A's game with Ricky. It was the third home game I've attended - and Kirk Saarloos started all three of those games. I'm looking forward to seeing a different starter sometime soon.

The game was good. A's won 2-1 in the bottom of the ninth - very exciting. I also saw a few things I hadn't seen before.

  • Manager comes out of the dugout and argues with umpire, is ejected from game.

  • Player tries to pick a fight with an umpire, is ejected.

  • Angry middle aged man with glasses shouts down a dozen gangsta cholos because they are using bad language in front of his daughter. This man showed no fear.

  • Dude runs onto the field and is dragged down by his jacket in spectacular fashion.

  • Jermaine Dye played shortstop.

Okay that's enough. It was a fun game, had a good time. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot - Ricky and I got free tickets while we were standing in line to buy ours. Some guy had a bunch of tickets in the 228 section (better seating than we were planning on purchasing) and some people didn't show up. So he gave us our tickets. Score!

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