I'm not sure why I subject myself to being a sports fan. Having an emotional investment in something as dumb as a game I'm not even playing is, when you think about it, a pretty ridiculous thing. Maybe those of you who are apathetic regarding sports are thinking I'm seeing the light. Rest assured I'm not - I will be until I die inexplicably cheered or depressed by the performance of others on a football field or baseball diamond.

Some things just never change with the A's. They never seem to be able to score runs in clutch time. Tonight they had ample opportunities to win the game against the Mariners, but threw it away. Defensively and offensively, they did just well enough to make it a really disappointing loss. So I say, argh!

Maybe I'll jump on the White Sox bandwagon this year, so I have two teams I can root for. One of my best friends lives in Chicago and is a huge Sox fan - so maybe I can lay claim to them that way. Plus they have Jermaine Dye, late of the A's. That must be why they're 10-4 right now.

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