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I got back from Snow Camp yesterday, and it was a lot of fun. The weekend wasn't without its stresses or imperfections of course, but overall I'm glad I went. It snowed a lot. I'm not sure exactly how much snow fell while we were up there, but I'd say it was at least three feet of snow. I'm not just talking out of my butt with that either, check out some of the pictures I took and see for yourself.

Perhaps my least favorite thing about the camp was the fact that I hurt my shoulder pretty bad. On Sunday some of the kids were sliding down a hill on those little round plastic things that pass as toboggans these days. I decided I wanted to do that too, and not only that but I decided against my better judgment to race a student, Aaron, down the hill. Once we started down the hill, he unintentionally got directly in front of me as we careened down. I didn't want to land on him and have to explain to his parents that yes, I smashed their kid while racing him down a snowy hill, so I tried to spin or turn or do whatever I thought would help me avoid landing on him when we reached the bottom. I forgot this wasn't the deluxe plastic circle of a sled and so I just spun around, while letting out a very girly "oh crap!". As I hit a bump at the bottom, I was thrown into the air a little bit, off of my sled, and I landed on my shoulderblade. I heard some weird noise come from the shoulder as I hit the ground, and I just laid there for a few seconds.

I didn't go to the hospital or anything but my right shoulder hurts and if I move it certain ways it really hurts. I'm currently without health insurance so I hope it's nothing serious, and it'll just get better. Since I can move it, I hear the injury probably isn't anything real serious, it's just real sore. Kinda sucks, but oh well.

In other news, Stand to Reason has started a blog. I am a fan of Greg Koukl's and the ministry they do there in general, though I don't agree with every little thing I find it to be a pretty good resource. They do a good job of discussing Christianity in an intelligent way. I was a little surprised to read Greg's assessment of Brian McLaren and the Emerging Church movement, however:

Be forewarned. The Emergent Church is the most theologically corrosive view/movement/trend in a long time. The Seeker movement and the “Laughing Revival” of the last decade pale in comparison. And it’s consuming millions, especially young people. We’ll keep you posted.

While I don't agree with everything said by every person within the Emergent movement, I do find Koukl's assessment to be a bit off the mark. It also sounds like he doesn't like the concept of the Seeker-sensitive church, which I am a part of and generally approve of. Of course within every group or movement there are going to be some people who take certain points or ideas too far - but to condemn an entire movement because of that is foolish.

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