indian kid has his lies revealed

Check out this link (click on the title of my post). Apparently a kid in India made up a NASA test, claimed he roxxored it, and then got everyone in India to recognize him. He was given all sorts of money from the government and the people in the government, hailed as a hero, and people only figured out he was lying while he was waiting for his meeting with the President of India. Reading the details, it's obvious the kid is full of it. Kids lie like this all the time - just this week I was talking to a student who told me he was flying down to LA to talk to his plastic surgeon, because he had to make sure he looked good for his nights of clubbing, driving around in his '05 Porsche. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that people make stuff up. Anyway, it's pretty amusing.

As an aside - I'm a little put out because my WoW server is down, so I can't play. Today I was planning on getting some time in before I go out of town next week. Oh well.

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