By and large I'm not a very stressful person, as most of you who know me will probably attest to. I don't worry a whole lot about certain things, though there are some things that make me worry. For some reason right now I am worried about how the oneeighty worship gathering is going to go tonight. We didn't have any sort of meeting last month because of all the holidays, I don't know if everyone's on the same page, etc. It makes me feel sort of uneasy.

Anyway I just share this because in a couple weeks I am giving the weekend sermons at Crossroads and I'm supposed to be talking about stress. So I want to get down my thoughts on it - and maybe hear from the three of you that read this - what stresses you out? What does stress make you feel like? What do you do when you're stressed? How do you deal with stress? If you have a couple minutes to give me your two cents on stress go ahead and leave it either in the comments section or feel free to drop me an e-mail.

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