of Jesus and giant hamburgers

Two things...

There's a movie coming out on 6-6-06 called "The Beast." Its purpose is to disprove Jesus as a historical person. It's the story of a high school girl who explores the evidence and realizes that Jesus was a big invention. It's a story of the courage she has to show to overcome her belief in something that clearly does not exist. I'm looking forward to seeing it. I do my best to read and analyze sources that disagree with me because I don't want to be fooling myself into believing something. That being said, as Greg Koukl has said, it's a sort of "bizarre" contention to argue that Jesus never existed considering its largely accepted by historians etc. that he was at the very least a historical person. But then again, maybe that's proof that the legend of Jesus was very well-crafted by some truly devious powermongers.

Second, Hardee's is releasing a 1400 calorie burger. Hoo-ah! I don't imagine myself eating one of those, especially considering we don' t have Hardee's here... But holy crap!

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