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Lately I've been turning into 960 AM, aka Air America Radio. It's a self-proclaimed progressive talk radio outlet. I can't get over the garbage that's spewed on there. For example, yesterday I was listening to "Morning Sedition" and these guys were getting out of control. They said that the Bush administration was taking a cynical approach to the war by waiting to go into Fallujah until the election was over so the negative political repercussions wouldn't matter.

Are you kidding? You can't win with these people.

Before Bush was criticized for not planning well enough. He was also criticized FOR Fallujah, being saying that it was an example of how we got into something we (or rather, Bush) can't handle. So he readies the troops, plans, and execute...and now he's being political with the troops? Fallujah is a success so far, the troops are owning the Fallujah insurgents.

These people need to release their hate and get a grip on reality. Last night I listened on the way home and they were talking about a number of conspiracy theories, advancing them as very real possibilities. Like, ridiculous things.

Talk radio is dumb. Really dumb. I sometimes listen to conservative radio too, and they don't seem as dumb right now. Probably because their candidate won, so they don't sound as bitter. Overall it's like I said before - most of these people just tow the party line and talk about how stupid/evil the other side is, and it's ridiculous.

Air America radio is bad bad bad. KSFO might be too, I don't know. But I do know Air America is full of people with enormous chips on their shoulders and an intense hatred for anything that doesn't agree with them. It's pretty amusing to hear such venom and hatred for differing opinions from people who preach tolerance. The self-righteousness flying around there is astounding.

Anyway they bug me so I wanted to vent a little. You shouldn't listen to that station and take what they say seriously. They're like Rush Limbaugh, only they make sense even less.

Also I will be leaving in a couple hours for the weekend, and will be back Sunday. Hope your Veterans' Day weekends are great.

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