I just received the big "whatever" from a student. She just returned from being gone from the classroom for like 20 minutes, and when I denied her request to go out again to get something from her car she was very put out. Kids are funny sometimes.

I'm subbing right now and managed to find a classroom where I could hook my laptop up to the internet. Apparently you don't need to have the networking software installed on your computer to get access to the net from the school's network. Just plugged in the blue wire and here I go. So this is pretty sweet. Finals start next week, so today all I'm doing is sitting here while kids talk and sign yearbooks. It's a pleasure, I tell you.

I have not been posting much because I am insanely busy. I'm getting married in (roughly) 29 days and as such have been running around trying to make sure different bases are covered, for both the youth ministry and oneeighty. I'm very thankful to have different people in place covering stuff and doing the ministry while I'm not around.

Oh yeah, in other news, the A's rule.

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