ESPN.com - GEN - Ralph Wiley, an original Page 2 columnist, dies

I didn't really know Wiley or his work much, I do remember reading some of it. But it's just kinda weird, it struck me as I was reading the article. It sort of sums up Wiley's life, and at the end talks about how his heart just gave out, unexpectedly while he was watching the NBA Finals.

This kind of thing is a reminder of how fleeting life is - but no matter how many reminders I get, I always wonder if I'm really living as if tomorrow is not guaranteed. This is a particularly unhappy prospect, considering I am planning on getting married in less than a month, and I want to have a long life with my wife.

I mean, since I believe that upon death I'll be with God, I suppose I shouldn't mind since that would be, like, better than anything on earth. But I still don't like the idea, you know?

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