Okay so I have now notified the proper authorities and I can post this here: I am now officially engaged to the most amazing woman ever to walk the earth.

On November 14th I called Janelle around 6 in the morning as I usually do. She was in Santa Ana at a conference for Campus Crusade and I told her something was supposed to be delivered to her room. When she opened her hotel room door to check for the delivery she found me with a dozen roses and an engagement ring. I asked her to marry me and she said yes. So yeah, I'm engaged now. Just thought I'd throw that out to share with y'all. I meant to post it up here earlier but wanted to make sure that I told everybody I was supposed to first. AFAIK that's been done. So yeah I'm lucky, luckier than you. Or maybe I should say blessed, because lucky doesn't really give God the credit the way it should. So yeah, I'm blessed, big time.

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