the niners are so schizo

Halloween was a better time than I initially imagined. Had some random people over for a party at Laura's behest. Turned out well, I enjoyed playing the host and explaining how awesome Janelle is to interested people. The wallpaper in my room survived its first real exposure to the general public and I made it out with very little actual ridicule.

Saw bits and pieces of "The Big Hit," enough to realize I need to watch the movie all the way through. I love movies that don't take themselves seriously. There's a lot to be said for that kind of attitude, in life and in art. Not that I'm calling that movie art, mind you. I'm just saying. Pretentiousness is lame.

I'm still alive, just letting you know that. I swear at some point in the future I'll have interesting things to say to you all. This is a very interesting time of life. It's weird, I'm busy but I'm not entirely certain where all the time goes. I sure don't spend it typing in here.

Oh yeah, you should all read the Old Testament. It really has some good stories. And I swear, I feel like I'm learning so much about God's character through reading it. The way He deals with people and whatnot. Also, you may be familiar with the sentiment that God changes character in the Bible. That is, in the Old Testament He is a vengeful, lightning-chucking deity, while in the New Testament He is a docile hippy of a Creator. Those are both mischaracterizations, evidence of a sad misunderstanding regarding (1) who God is and (2) what the Bible says. God is totally stinkin' awesome, and loving, righteous, just, perfect, and holy. That is such a constant throughout the Bible. Anyway.

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