but i see them, round the front way

So Crossroads is doing a message series on the Simpsons. We started this past weekend talking about "Homer and God." This upcoming week I'm preaching and the message is titled "Flanders and Faith." That's about all I know right now. So I'm going to be preparing that this week. The clips I've been able to get are basically a quick run-through of the episode where Homer gets jealous about Flanders family, and ends up betting Ned that Bart can beat his son in a miniature golf tournament. What I'm thinking is I'm going to point out some of the positive aspects I see in Flanders' portrayal of a Christian life, and then some of the negative. We'll see how it comes out as I write it.

I can't believe I'm supposed to leave for summer camp next Wednesday. That's insane. Since when is June almost over?

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