Check out this Birth Control Book

image I was just alerted to the presence of this book on birth control, available at Amazon.  The entire title is: BIRTH CONTROL IS SINFUL IN THE CHRISTIAN MARRIAGES and also ROBBING GOD OF PRIESTHOOD CHILDREN!!  Yes, it is in caps.  Yes, the two exclamation points are part of the title.  And in case you are wondering: yes, this book was inspired by the Holy Spirit.  The author said so.  She uses Bible verses so you know everything she says is legit.  In addition, the book itself is written in all caps.    You need to read it.  You can get it here.


Anonymous said...

Hey man, the Holy Spirit is busy. It doesn't have time to go around telling people caps or not. It's way faster to just put it all in caps. Spelllng errors too. No time for backspce.

Jackson said...

Perhaps one day the Spirit will come upon me and I will write something awesome. You will know it by its large number of CAPS.

Mikey G said...

dude have you seen how much that costs! I guess it is a collectors item or something.

and maybe I'm disobeying God because the Bible does say not correct a mocker... but what would you think of Ezekiel if it weren't specifically in the Bible. Not everything God has to say is going to meet our high standards of rationality.

Granted I share your prejudice but modestly keep my mocking tto myself.

btw in "Sensible People" when God is speaking it is all caps too.