Awesome Firefox Extension

Those of you who use Firefox might want to check out the Ubiquity extension, which received a major update today.  It’s sort of like YubNub, something I’ve been using for a while in my Firefox address bar and find incredibly useful.  They allow you to use “command line” stuff to do things which can great reduce the amount of time you spend performing tasks.  For example, if I want to do a Google search for 49ers I just type “g 49ers” into my address bar and it takes me to the search results page.  If I want to look up the book 1984 on Amazon.com, I just type “az 1984” and I’m taken to Amazon’s website as if I’d performed the search there.  There are all kinds of things you can do with it.

Ubiquity takes that concept a step further and so far has a lot of nifty commands you can perform within Firefox.  I’d like to see it integrated into the address bar (or "awesome bar” as Firefox 3 refers to it) rather than having to press ctrl+space to bring it up but it’s still pretty early in development so I’m willing to live with it.

If you use Firefox and like the idea of doing stuff faster, and/or just like trying out new things, you should go install the extension.


Ricky said...

you can also have a bunch of different search engines to choose from in your search toolbar. that's what i do anyway.

Jackson said...

Yeah, but search engines alone are really just the beginning of what Ubiquity and YubNub do.

MathiasTCK said...

I like Tab Mix Plus, No Script, and Download Em All.

Mikey G said...

I guess I should download Firefox then? Jem says it is at the edge of inovation.