The Library is useful…who knew?

image Did you know you can search through the library’s catalog and request certain books, then the library will hold the book for you?  And if the book has been checked out, or is at some other library, they’ll e-mail you when it arrives and you can come pick it up?  I’ve been hearing about this book called Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us) through some interviews with the author.  I added it to my Amazon wish list and figured I’d have to wait a while to buy it.  Then I discovered how awesome the library is and requested it a few days ago.  I just got an e-mail letting me know the book is waiting for me and I’m going to go pick it up on my lunch break.

This bit of news is only useful if you like reading, of course.


Matt Kanninen said...

Yeah this has been true for a decade. You can do it for graphic novels, videos etc.

It especially rocked sending them to the Nile local library, cuz that was right near my house, and only open once a week.

Jackson said...

Now that I think about it, Matt, I think I remember you singing the praises of the library years ago.

Anonymous said...

I've been in love with Libraries since I was in Elementry School. Libraries. Book Stores. Yard Sales with Books. I love books. But Libraries are the best. I'm glad you discovered the not-so-hidden secret. Happy Book Reading!!!

P.S. Thanks to you, I think I recommend Ender's Game to just about everyone I meet that likes to read :)

Anonymous said...

The Pleasanton library will mail them to you, netflix style, and most of them have audio books in mp3 format that you can download. Through the link+ system you can even check out books from other libraries in other states. You only have to be a resident of California to get a library card at any of the local libraries, and if you're visiting you can get a card that's valid for three months.

I encourage you to check out Pleasanton or Livermore. Their websites are much easier to use than Fremont, even though the underlying core is the same between all of them.

Audio books are a great way to spend your commute.

Jackson said...

I listen to podcasts when I drive, there's a few I try to keep up with. But I've considered the audiobook thing. Sometimes I forget to get the latest podcasts but if I just had the CDs in my car that would be easy. I'll check out the Pleasanton and Livermore stuff. Having the stuff mailed to me sound pretty good.