Cleric use your magic!

This video holds a very dear place in my heart. I actually still have the VHS, and am so happy to see it has made its way to the internet. It brings a warm feeling inside me and a very powerful nostalgia. Funny what things do that to you.

Other quotes I wanted to use as the title of this post:

"Feeling brave tonight? How brave?"
"The stillness...of DEATH!"
"Wizard, I must tell you I don't like your headgear."
"Are you not familiar with the wizard's transformation? No animal was lost."
"I was transformed into a coyote, to learn the ways of nature."
"You don't need 'the hang' of anything."
"If we split up, we can cover more ground."
"Summon all your life force!"
"Orlo give me the strength!"
"Fight valiantly! I shall return."
"Subjects! Together we have vanquished the death knights!"
"You do not host this banquet! DEATH hosts this banquet!"
"Warriors have a motto: Sharp swords settle scores."
"They are not mutually exclusive options."
"Teraptus shall suffer for his perversion of nature!"
"Hahahahaha! Now you're working together!"
"Cast a pause video spell on your VCR."
"Now you have all the secret knowledge you need!"



Janelle said...


LeperColony said...

Look at the credits. It's hard to believe it took that many people to make that thing.

Or, you know, that they'd want to be associated with it for all time.

Jackson said...

I don't know what their motivations were, but I sure am glad they abased themselves so.