I am spending today, as I spend most Mondays, up at school. I'm on my long break between classes trying to get things done. I just spent the last few hours (three straight hours) reading through books on the literary qualities of Zechariah, and why the vision in Chapter 3 may or may not be included in the numbering of the visions through the book. The project this is for is taking a lot more work/thought/effort than I originally thought it would. I'm feeling a bit overloaded with the numerous things I have to get done this week...coupled with the fact that I am sick and have to visit the dentist for some extensive work again on Thursday...ugh.

Pardon my whining.

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Anonymous said...

I believe in what you are doing with your life. You are not living for yourself (or your family as an extenstion of yourself) but like a good solider following God.
Run with endurance and don't be afraid to ask for help but don't get discouraged or give up!