dumb and dumber

Just sharing and caring here. Yesterday I started feeling crappy around dinnertime - we went over the in-laws' for dinner and I barely ate anything. I came home feeling lousy, with my stomach hurting and feeling nauseous. I went to bed early and woke up about 12:30. After a lengthy stay on the can I stood around because I could feel something else comin on. I spent the next few minutes on my knees violently expelling my last few meals...woke up and scared Janelle. It was as if my entire body rebelled against that food and wanted it out. It was probably as hard as I've puked my whole life.

So today was supposed to be a busy day, I'm getting my car fixed, working, attending two high school graduations and a graduation dinner. But I find myself at home with a nasty-feeling stomach and afraid to go more than a few steps away from a toilet. Bah.

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