roll on you bears

I would just like to say that I've been a Cal fan for about five years now, so I lived through some of the crappy years, including the 1-win year (and that 1 win against Rutgers of all schools) in 2002. This gives me the right to make statements such as "Go Cal!" or "We won!" Yes, I am sort of bragging about my fandom regarding the Cal Bears. Because there's something satisfying about being a fan of a crappy team and then having them do well. In fact having them blow out two teams in as many weeks, that's celebration material. So the ebb and flow of your team's power is something you can sort of proudly claim as time goes by. The Bears are most certainly flowing right now.

The 49ers, on the other hand, continue to ebb with no relief in sight. Oh well.

And at least the A's stopped their skid.

September is a real good time to be a sports fan.

On another subject, I have lately been doing this more often when presented with a situation or decision: "What would someone smarter/more responsible/better at leading do?" This has led to a general increase in my optimism regarding the future and the present. I suggest you do this, if you haven't already tried it. It really is neat. It sometimes even works.

Got to see my sister and her fam today, attended my nephew's first soccer game of the year. There were a lot of families around with their kids playing soccer on a bunch of different fields. My sister said that there were somewhere around 2500 kids that played soccer in Folsom alone. I had no idea it was so big. I wonder if I was peering about 10 years into my future while I sat there watching Austin play. Scary thought. Also, my niece, who I remember holding as a little baby, is now wearing makeup. I was not prepared for such developments. Now I wouldn't want her to read this and be traumatized - so I don't mean she shouldn't be wearing it.

Not that I'm saying she needs it.

Um, Ashley, if you read this - just e-mail me and I can explain what I mean.

That's all for now.

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