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Trying to be productive today, getting various things done. Sometimes I'm a little too proud of myself for not sitting on my butt on a given day. For example, this morning I proudly listed my accomplishments before 9:30am to Janelle like a little boy who was happy he'd used the toilet all by himself. I realized it after I told her I'd even shaved, and she started to laugh at me. I guess I sorta deserved it.

No big post here, just wanted to share a little thing from Dan Kimball, as he was talking about emerging churches, a movement oneeighty is ostensibly a part of. I think Kimball may be right, concerning me even here. It's a little challenging to read.

...what the definition of "church" is. That needs to shift. I already explained this, but the shift of thinking the church is the meeting, and the building to the church is the people on a mission. Some emerging church leaders sadly say these words but are focusing all their time on the "meeting" still. What will this communicate to the people in their churches if we say "the church is the people on a mission" but the leaders spend all their time getting ready for the "meeting"?

You can read the rest of his interview here.

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