tell me now what should i do

Yesterday's A's game was spectacular. My voice is still a little hoarse from that finish. It was a consummate pitcher's duel; Mulder only made two mistakes and I was afraid it would cost us the game. Somehow Tejada came through in the bottom of the ninth though...just amazing. Walking through the hallways toward the parking lot to spontaneous chants of "Yankees Suck!" is a wonderful thing. You couldn't wipe the smile off half the faces in the Coliseum. Sports pwn. I almost went to Friday night's game too - then I would've been present for both of Miggy's walk-offs in one weekend...tis a shame.

I much prefer doing youth ministry as a team. I have a totally awesome group of volunteers and I am looking forward to growing into a stronger team and I want to be a better leader for them. Last night was good in that the different bases were all covered by different people for youth group. There's some fine-tuning to be done for us meeting at the sanctuary for this month but I did appreciate it. The real bad spot of last night was the urinal in the men's bathroom overflowing. Why in the world would someone put tp in the urinal? It makes no sense.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the whole overflow thing. Guess I should call Ricky and let him know he may wanna do an extra-nice mop on that floor today. Muaha.

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