i've got you under my skin

Tonight I went to see the new Matrix movie and for the most part wasn't disappointed. The action sequences were great, especially when Neo was beating the crap out of the many Agent Smiths with the metal pole. Good foley artists, good foley artists. Laura would be proud of me saying that. Overall I liked the first movie better, maybe because it was new or something. But also because, as Jesse mentioned, the philosophizing in the first movie was a bit more subtle than in this one. This time they seemed to be beating you over the head with armchair philosophy rather than suggesting you think differently about things. If that makes sense. If not, back off, it's past 1 am.

This morning (yesterday morning?) I also had a great meeting with Brian Berry. I've had a kinda rough couple of weeks and he helped put a lot of things in perspective for me and gave me a lot of wise advice. He really is an awesome man, a humble servant. Brian rocks. And God does too for using Brian to speak to me. I still have anxiety and annoyance and sadness about what's up but I feel better about it. And really I suppose that's all I can ask. Didn't I just sing a song about this a couple weeks ago? God is in control.

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